Antifreeze Beakers

Thermo Fluids can provide the following high quality formulations to meet ANY antifreeze/coolant need or application.

  • Conventional Light Duty Automotive
  • Conventional Heavy Duty Diesel
  • Extended Life Light Duty Automotive
  • Extended Life Heavy Duty Diesel

Conventional formulation color is green. Your local Account Manager will review and recommend color options available for the Extended Life Formulation.

Concentrate, Equipment, Bulk and Drum Quantities also available


Antifreeze Recycling Services

What could be better than saving money and the environment at the same time? With Thermo Fluids’ responsible “closed loop” approach to antifreeze services, you’ll do just that. As an integral part of Thermo Fluids Green Shield Services™, this program has two primary components:

  1. Collection of used engine antifreeze/coolant at our customers’ locations.
  2. Manufacture for sale to customers by Thermo Fluids state-of-the-art Antifreeze Services Plant located in North Las Vegas, Nevada.

Fees associated with this “closed loop” solution are a cost-effective alternative to the disposal of waste antifreeze and purchase of virgin glycol products. It’s not unusual for our customers to realize up to a 50% savings!

There is really only one way to produce recycled glycol products of exceptional quality. You remanufacture them. That’s why Thermo Fluids is proud to call its glycol products not just recycled, but “remanufactured.” Thermo Fluids utilizes a multi-stage vacuum distillation process to recover and purify used engine antifreeze to near virgin specifications. This process produces a chemically pure ethylene glycol (EG) solution which is marketed as EG concentrate or pre-mixed with 50% distilled water for use in automotive and heavy-duty engine applications.

For the standard 50/50 pre-mix antifreeze/coolant specification, the solution is blended with new corrosion inhibitors and additives to produce a range of fully formulated products which meet or exceed all ASTM antifreeze performance standards. The four primary 50/50 pre-mix formulations are:

Conventional Light Duty Automotive

Conventional Heavy Duty Diesel

Extended Life Light Duty Automotive

Extended Life Heavy Duty Diesel

Call 1-800-350-7565 today and ask for your local Account Manager to bring you some samples of this excellent quality product.

Antifreeze Facts

  • There are over 200 million gallons of antifreeze consumed in the United States every year. Approximately 15% of the United States’ antifreeze consumption is recycled.
  • Spent or used antifreeze from radiator and cooling applications should not be put down sinks or storm drains. The “responsible solution” is to use Thermo Fluids Green Shield Services™ program for antifreeze recycling.
  • Used antifreeze can be remanufactured to meet the same ASTM product requirements as when it was new – from a chemical and performance perspective, reclaimed EG and virgin EG are exactly the same!
  • Due to the contribution of companies like Thermo Fluids, who work diligently to provide recycled products which meet the rigorous Original Equipment Manufacturer requirements for engine antifreeze, the percentage of recycled antifreeze consumed in the United States will continue to climb.
  • By purchasing Thermo Fluids’ high quality glycol products, you’ll not only see a positive impact to the bottom line, you’ll be participating in the industry leading Green Shield Services program and can be confident your choice makes sense for the environment.

Thermo Fluids Antifreeze Services highlights:

Closed-Loop Approach – Recycling at its best! Thermo Fluids uses spent or used antifreeze collected from generators to remanufacture new glycol products. This approach exemplifies the objectives of the Green Shield Services program by significantly reducing fuel consumption (we’re already there), reducing the potential for contamination of water or land and reducing strain on natural resources.

Flexible Services – Depending on our customers’ preferences or needs, Thermo Fluids aims to provide a reliable and “responsible” used antifreeze recovery service set up on either a regularly-scheduled or call-in basis.

One Stop, Two Services – Services are provided by Thermo Fluids package vans which can both collect spent or used antifreeze from customer locations and dispense new remanufactured product during the same service event. Not only is this a convenience for customers saving them both time and money, it also conserves precious resources.

New Antifreeze Products – The spent or used antifreeze Thermo Fluids collects is primarily remanufactured into fully formulated 100% ethylene glycol concentrate or 50% ethylene glycol/50% distilled water pre-mix. These antifreeze products often exceed new ASTM antifreeze performance standards and meet even the toughest OEM specifications like Caterpillar®, Cummins®, GE® Locomotive, John Deere®, Kenworth®, Detroit Diesel® and more!


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