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Thermo Fluids

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Corporate Background

Thermo Fluids, Inc. is an environmental services company and the largest producer of commercial fuel oil from recovered used motor oil in the Western United States.


The company collects and purchases used motor oil from a large number of companies across a diverse range of industries, such as quick-lube centers, auto dealerships, mining operations and industrial companies. In addition to collecting used motor oil, the company serves as a "one-stop" shop of collection and recycling services for waste products, including oily wastewater collection and processing, spent antifreeze collection and recycling, and used oil filter collection and recycling.



Corporate Contacts

Corporate Office - 480.207.5400
(Scottsdale, AZ)

  • Todd J. Bogart, Senior Vice President, Branch Service Sales
  • Greg Hedger, Director EH&S

Regional Contacts

Southwest Region
(Serving Arizona, California, New Mexico, Nevada & El Paso, Texas)
Gil Joseph, District Manager

Mountain States Region
(Serving Utah, Colorado, Wyoming & Reno, NV)
Darren Myers, District Manager

Northwest Region
(Serving Oregon, Washington & Idaho)
Mark Jordan, District Manager

South Central Region
(Serving Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Nebraska, Louisiana, Arkansas, & Iowa)
Adolf Peters, District Manager

Or Call 1.800.350.7565


One Stop Environmental Services Provider

Does it seem difficult to find somebody willing to “take responsibility” for their actions? In the Environmental Services industry, responsibility is law; laws with real and significant consequences. That’s why Thermo Fluids, as your Environmental Services provider, recognized we had but one course of action for our customers…to be “The Responsible Solution.”

When it comes to providing quality Environmental Services, responsibility takes on a whole new meaning for Thermo Fluids.

  • It’s more than simply showing up and performing a service.
  • It’s about being the best at protecting our customers and our world on
    many levels and in many ways.
  • It’s about giving confidence and peace of mind to our customers that no
    EPA “surprises” are waiting for them in the future.
  • It’s about honesty, integrity; trust in our staff, our equipment
    and our capabilities.
  • It’s about understanding how our actions impact the world around us and
    how we can work together to do something about it.
  • And yes, from our compliance record to our customer service, it’s about somebody who is willing to “take responsibility” for their actions.

This means whether Thermo Fluids collects your Used Oil, Filters, Antifreeze, Oily Water or provides another product or service, we’ve developed sound and balanced solutions with your best interests, your customers’ interests and our world’s interest in mind. This means engineering controls, strict operating procedures and comprehensive insurance policies will provide you with the risk protection vital in today’s business climate.

Call 1-800-350-7565 today to learn about how Thermo Fluids can be the one stop solution for all of your non-hazardous waste management needs, allowing you more time to do what you do best…focus on running your business.

Points of Consideration

FACILITIES: Thermo Fluids operates service and processing facilities throughout the western United States. Each is designed, built and operated to meet all federal, state and local regulations. We invest heavily in our facilities to ensure they are the cleanest and most environmentally protective facilities in the industry.

Our employees: Our employees are a key value to our business and here for you. Thermo Fluids Inc. chooses the right employees and enhances skill development through continuous training and leadership through process guidelines. Our programs include Employee Safety Incentive Program, Continuing Employee Safety Training (OSHA, MSHA), Accident Reporting Policy, Accident Investigation, Safety Committee, and Drug & Alcohol Free Workplace through Random Drug Testing for DOT and Non-DOT Employees.

INSURANCE: Thermo Fluids Inc. maintains comprehensive insurance coverage to protect itself and its customers in the event of an accident or spill. We rely on “A-rated or better” insurance carriers to insure TFI and its customers are protected against loss and liabilities.

CONSULTING: TFI employs a staff of full time professional Environmental Health & Safety Managers to provide assistance to our customers when making waste
management decisions.

DUE DILIGENCE: When selecting any regulated vendor, Thermo Fluids recommends you visit and investigate the quality of their facilities, speak with management, review the documentation and examine the operating practices. To visit any TFI site at any time, please contact your local Account Manager.

Compliance: Thermo Fluids is proud to have the best Regulatory Compliance history on record with the EPA for our industry. This is due in part to our documented plans, policies, and procedures which compose the operating guidelines for our business. The rest has to do with a regimen of internal auditing by our Professional EH&S Managers combined with the resolve of our staff to ALWAYS take responsible action in their endeavors.


Thermo Fluids is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Clean Harbors, Inc.