Program Advantages:

  • One company, one single set of comprehensive services to meet all your needs
  • Peace of mind that your materials are meeting strict environmental protection guidelines
  • A company who “partners” with you to provide more than just a service
  • Actions-not simply words-that show we care
  • Appropriate Scheduling – Service ONLY when you need it
  • Fees based on Service Events not a continuous cost
  • You specify to us your desired and budgeted interval expectations


Good Morning, I just wanted to take a minute of your time to express my appreciation for the work that Carrie did/does to assist me.

I am relatively new at the information for the profiles, etc. and she is very patient and helpful. I currently have a job that is a rush and she is trying to get it in the works as soon as she can to help us.

Anyway, just a thank you to you and a congratulations for an employee that seems to be very customer service oriented.

Regional Industrial Services Provider
Mountain States USA


Our Oil Recycling Process

Are you better than your competition? Absolutely! Why? How? Do those differences matter? Of course they do… that’s why your customers chose you.

It’s no different in the Environmental Services industry. Although we might offer the same services as other companies, when it comes to the collection of your Used Oil, Filters, Antifreeze, or other recyclable materials there are many important distinctions between us. We call these distinctions our Green Shield Services™ program. What do these differences mean to you? Whether you are evaluating Thermo Fluids or another Environmental Services company, make sure you get the following critical questions answered to make an informed decision:

What’s your EPA Compliance and DOT Record?

How many fines for non-compliance have you paid?

When can I come inspect your facility and processes?

Are you currently involved in any litigation?

Can I see all your written policies and procedures that govern my materials?

Are all my materials being recycled…how, where, and when?

What are your levels of insurance and what’s the carriers’ rating?

Confidence in your decision is our main objective. In today’s world of tightening Environmental Regulations and omnipresent litigation, you simply can’t put a price on confidence.

Confidence is one part of the equation. The other is protection. Thermo Fluids offers protection above all else; protection of your bottom line with fair pricing, protection from liability and regulatory issues, and the list goes on. All the while protecting the environment with our deliberate business actions. Our industry exclusive Green Shield Services program combines the very best in collection and recycling services with best practices for a sustainable environment.

Call 1-800-350-7565 today, so we can help you find that confidence, protection and peace of mind you’ve been looking for. Be sure to also ask about some of the other products and services we provide in your area – New Absorbents & Spill Kits, Empty Drum Disposal, to name a few.

Thermo Fluids Green Shield Services™ program includes Used Oil Recycling, Used Oil Filter Recycling, Used Antifreeze Recycling, Parts Washer Services, and Commercial & Industrial Wastewater Services. Each of these services were evaluated and designed to meet a set of defined qualities which resonate with the needs of our customers and the needs of our environment.

Please click the following links for details about Green Shield Services programs:

Parts Washer Services

Commercial & Industrial Wastewater Services

Used Oil Recycling

Used Oil Filter Recycling

Industrial Waste Management


Thermo Fluids is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Clean Harbors, Inc.