Payment Terms 
A valid & complete Credit Application with References is required for consideration of payment terms with Thermo Fluids. Click Here for Credit Application.

If Credit Application is approved and payment terms are granted for products and/or services your terms will be clearly provided on your official approval notification document (Due upon Receipt, Net 15, Net 30, etc.). All invoices are priced as per quoted prevailing the date of delivery or service.

Service & Product Specifications 
Specifications of all services and products whether stated or implied are subject to change without prior notice.  Prior notice will be given if significant changes are made to a service or product when such changes achieve improved product appearance, design or performance or suitability has changed

Product Suitability 
Every effort has been made to accurately describe our services and/or products and to define their general utility and/or usage. No other performance claims are implied or will be recognized, in the event of improper selection. Every effort will be made by Thermo Fluids staff to communicate & ensure suitability. Buyer has the ultimate responsibility to determine the suitability of service and/or product selection and assumes any and all liability relating thereto. PLEASE CONTACT US IF IN DOUBT.

New Antifreeze Warranty
Thermo Fluids – Antifreeze Services Division (TFI-ASD) warrants that its Antifreeze/Coolant Products:

  1. Are free from defects in materials and workmanship and
  2. Conforms to all published ASTM Performance Standards relating to product type, process, and intended use.

The warranty period for TFI-ASD Antifreeze Products are a specified, fixed period commencing on the date of purchase. A valid proof of purchase may be required.

If, during the warranty period, it is proven that equipment failure was directly attributed to TFI-ASD Antifreeze/Coolant Products when used in accordance with manufacturer and TFI-ASD specifications, Thermo Fluids will, at its option, repair or replace said equipment at no additional charge, except as is set forth below.

Extent of Warranty 
This warranty extends from the date the glycol base fluid is introduced to the system through the duration of the OEM-recommended service life for the application. This warranty is limited to the base fluids' chemical properties prior to formulation and its physical and thermal stability during use. TFI - ASD is not responsible for the performance or fitness of corrosion control additives as supplied by third parties.

TFI - ASD has adopted a total quality management "TQM" approach to our warranty position. This ensures that all products manufactured will meet and/or exceed high quality standards. As part of our warranty position we conduct the following:  

  1. A batch analysis is provided for all products after formulation.
  2. Duplicate samples are retained for later question of product conformance.

Additional Limitations
TFI - ASD is not responsible for failures resulting from misuse, faulty installation, alteration, neglect, or accident. TFI - ASD is not responsible for down time, loss of income, living expenses, or other incidental or consequential damages. This warranty is the sole warranty made by TFI - ASD in regards to these products. TFI - ASD makes no other warranties, express or implied, or of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.