If your facility has an oil/water separator and trenches or you’re a manager of commercial or industrial generated oily wastewater, you know how frustrating maintenance and management of these items can be at times. There is a saying: “Oil and water don’t mix.” Yet somehow you keep finding the need to deal with this mixture…possibly even in an emergency. You also know how pleasant it is to work with a professional, courteous and responsive service company who listens and is focused on your specific needs. No unnecessary monthly fees to pay, or ridged schedules to keep…just straight-forward, responsible solutions conducted and billed on an “as needed” basis.

Thermo Fluids has proven time and again that we’re that kind of service company. As part of the Green Shield Services™ program, this means you can count on Thermo Fluids to not only be “The Responsible Solution” for your oily wastewater; you can count on fair pricing, expertise, and a commitment to excellence. As water quality continues to be a growing global concern, it’s important that you can count on a “responsible” partner to handle the pick-up, transportation and processing of all your liquid, solid and sludge waste materials.

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Thermo Fluids Commercial and Industrial Oily Wastewater program includes either Vacuum or Pump Truck service depending upon the type, location and quantity of material being processed. This service includes the transportation, processing, and recovery for a wide range of Commercial and Industrial liquid, solid and sludge wastewater materials from multiple industries. Some examples are:

  • Oil/Water Separators, Sumps, Pits, Sand or Grit Traps and Trenches
  • Fuel Storage Facilities
  • Manufacturing Process Water
  • Cutting Fluids
  • Oily Water from Mining, Oil and Natural Gas Production

This Green Shield Services™ program provides:

Customized Services - Thermo Fluids provides pumping and vacuum service by means of specialized equipment and qualified field technicians.

Cost Effective - When it comes to Oily Wastewater service events, it doesn’t make sense to use only one type of service truck. One size doesn’t always fit all. Because some equipment is more expensive to operate than others and therefore more costly to our customers, Thermo Fluids strives to match the right equipment to the right service. This is why we offer both Vacuum and Pump Truck Services to our customers.

Compliance - Comprehensive material acceptance protocols and certified analytical profiling ensure all materials conform to state and federal waste management regulations.

Closed-Loop Approach - Oil and fuel layers are recovered from the mixtures and used to manufacture fuel oil. Water layers are treated to meet applicable discharge standards.

Thermo Fluids broad analytical capabilities ensure all necessary diagnostic testing requirements are met for a wide range of hydrocarbon-contaminated waters. Having analytical on hand and profiled in our proprietary database ensures that both Thermo Fluids and its customers meet regulatory statutes for waste characterization. It also provides information needed to treat the materials in the most cost-effective and environmentally sensitive manner.



In order to qualify for inclusion in Thermo Fluids Green Shield Services program, each processing facility follows specific treatment guidelines that maximize materials recovery and water quality.