Services include the pick up, transportation, and processing of hard and soft hydrocarbon filters, greases, and absorbents from automotive and industrial applications. We provide:

  • Drum Swap Filter Removal - Our goal is ease of use for your staff. No filling buckets and transporting outside, no messy and overloaded drip pans. Containers are strategically placed within your shop or site where it’s convenient for your operation. When full, the containers are swapped for an empty one and transported to our nearest processing facility for reclamation.
  • Filter Containers - We offer our customers their choice of containers to fit their needs, including clean, labeled DOT-approved 55-gallon drums, sealed bins or roll-offs for larger applications.
  • Residual Oil Recovery - Thermo Fluids recovers all remaining oil trapped in the filters for use as industrial fuel oil. Thermo Fluids believes it is important to recycle the filter component resources and keep them out of landfills.
  • Metal Recovery - The steel casings are separated from the paper elements, cleaned of debris, and become an excellent source of recycled high-grade steel.