Thermo Fluids is an Environmental Service Company dedicated to meeting all of your environmental service needs. From pickups of single drums, to full scale remediation and disaster relief projects, you can trust Thermo Fluids to be safe, comply with regulations, stay within budgets and get the job done right the first time.

Industrial Waste


Waste Characterization
Our business is to understand our client’s industrial processes that generate waste and provide the tools for determining accurate chemical and physical properties. Typical waste characterization requires documentation, process knowledge, sampling and analyzing residuals. Proper characterization efforts are critical to manage industrial waste residuals and minimize liabilities and cost.

Smart Solutions 
Our environmental staff works closely with federal, state and local agencies to stay current with regulatory changes. Partnering with Thermo Fluids, an Industrial Waste Management (IWM) specialist with an unsurpassed compliance history, allows our customers to concentrate on their business. Often the difference in improving a company’s green initiatives is to improve the management of residuals and waste. This requires expertise to interpret regulatory exemptions. You can be confident that all materials recycled by Thermo Fluids have been correctly characterized. In most cases, these determinations are supported by local, state or Federal agency written interpretation.

Careful Assessment
We recognize the individuality of the communities in which our customers operate, along with State and other regulations that impact your business. We build strong relationships at all levels within the communities we serve based on mutual trust and credibility.


IWM Environmental Services:
Industrial Waste Management involves technical field services such as tank clean outs, inspections and re-certifications, remediation jobs, chemical lab packs, hazardous waste shipments and other specialized waste services.

Drummed waste services:
Most non-hazardous and hazardous waste material generated by the industrial operations can be collected and recycled. This includes, greases, coolants, oil absorbents and by-products from clean ups. We label all drums and provide the appropriate bill of lading or manifest for each shipment.

Spill Control Products and containment:
Spill control products such as pads, mats, booms and absorbents are stocked and readily available. We can also supply secondary containment pallets, and storage units to fit any containment need.

Petroleum Contaminated Debris:
Roll off containers or drums can be used to collect any type of petroleum contaminated debris generated by your facilities. The typical items are rubber hoses, spill clean up materials and plastic containers that contain oils and grease residues. By recycling these materials you are exhibiting the best practices available to reduce landfill wastes and provide a sustainable future for your organization.


  • Poly and Steel Drums
  • Absorbents and Spill booms
  • Light Bulb Boxes
  • Over packs
  • Spill Containment Systems
  • P.P.E. and other Protective Gear
  • Cubic yard Boxes and Bags
  • Pails and Containers of Every Size