Does your current Parts Washer program have the right balance of cost savings, operational effectiveness, and minimal impact to the environment? You and your maintenance team need to get the job done right the first time, so it doesn’t make sense to go too far in any one direction. Too cheap or inadequate and you compromise quality, safety, and productivity. Too environmentally friendly and you might as well be spraying your parts with a garden hose. The answer is an effective, protective and reliable solution that doesn’t cost a fortune. The answer is Thermo Fluids. Thermo Fluids Parts Washer Program gives you the right balance of cost savings, productivity and as part of our Green Shield Services™ Program,sensitivity to environmental issues.

This means whether you have your own equipment, lease equipment or purchase equipment from Thermo Fluids, you can count on us to provide:

The finest in parts washing equipment – Our suppliers must meet rigorous qualifications before we’ll offer their products to our customers.

Excellent customer service – If your equipment doesn’t need servicing at its regularly scheduled interval, we’ll check back. Or if its leased, we’ll only charge you 50% of the fee.

Virgin solvent or aqueous solution with every service – Human health is our highest consideration and then the environment. Because re-use recycling has the potential to build up dangerous components that require it to be managed as a hazardous waste, virgin solvent makes the most sense for both health and safety of workers and the environment.

Used solvent or aqueous solution management - By having a thorough understanding of the chemical properties and regulatory demands of parts washing solvent, Thermo Fluids has opted not to conduct re-use recycling of used solvent. Instead, we feel the highest regard to human health and the 
environment is energy or resource recovery recycling.

Call 1-800-350-7565 today and ask your local Account Manager how Thermo Fluids can help start or enhance your existing Parts Washer Program.


As part of Thermo Fluids Green Shield Services™ our Parts Washer Program Provides:

  • Equipment – Thermo Fluids can provide a variety of parts washer units selected to best fit your needs. Many sizes, features and cleaning solution types are available.
  • Flexibility – Machines may be purchased or leased depending on customer preference. Thermo Fluids offers both solvent-based and aqueous-based solutions. We customize a program that meets YOUR needs.
  • New Cleaning Solution – Thermo Fluids provides ONLY brand new cleaning solution on every service to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the units.
  • Service – Our Service has many unique aspects designed to meet the specific needs of your operation. Some examples include:

A fully trained service technician thoroughly cleaning your machine in addition to providing new solution. This service is provided at NO extra charge.

Whether you have a customer owned or leased unit, you’ll ONLY pay for new solution when you need it. For leased units, this means if your machine doesn’t require service yet, you’ll only pay 50% of the scheduled Service Fee.

  • Testing – Thermo Fluids uses a cost effective analytical testing protocol to ensure the proper disposal or recycling of the spent solvent or solution. Following receipt of analytical testing results, a waste “profile” is created utilizing our proprietary database program. This profile is kept in hardcopy and in our database for future reference.
  • Compliance – All spent materials are recovered for recycling and disposal in accordance with all local, state, and federal regulations. Our program is specifically designed to generate less paperwork, eliminate manifest tracking, reduce regulatory reporting, minimize lengthy record-keeping, and decrease our customers’ liability exposure.
  • Responsibility – As with all of our services, we strive to develop environmentally sensible solutions. Used solvent is blended at your local TFI facility with Used Oil for recycling and used aqueous solution is treated with our other Oily Water materials.